Bio PharmaceuticalFacility

Effective and ReliableProduction Process

Bio Pharmaceutical Facility

We are continuously investigating for new drugs via R&D projects. Beyond manufacturing finished pharmaceutical products at brand new facility, Joonghun is putting her best efforts to find the leading compound of excellent quality for osteoarthritis and to develop the biologics lines as well. In future, we promise to steadily have new drugs available to you by expanding our R&D area to investigation of leading compound, modification drugs in market, and development of biologics.

Pharmaceutical KGMP certified in 2016, Chungju manufacturing facility is designed to minimize cross-contamination or adulteration thus allowing the hygiene of manufacturing condition and workers’ health.

The facility is designed to offer stable manufacturing condition even under unexpected circumstances with world best quality of air circulation, electricity, and processed water system.

With annual production capability of this facility being one billion oral tablets or capsules and 2 million pre-filled syringes, we promise to be one desirable place where biopharmaceutical human resources would like to work.