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Excitingly Proudly Fruitfully

Based on our company’s slogan, we will achieve worldwide level of pharmaceutical company. Joonghun Pharmaceutical’s management philosophy means employees working excitingly and creating fruitful results by producing proud products.

With endless investment in R&D, we will build our strength in technological innovation and delivering the pipeline to customers over the world. In means to achieve this goal, we gained patent for leading compound for treatment of osteoarthritis and continuously developing more ahead.

The company developed and has been supplying hyaluronic acid based products “Artgaon,” “Lufla,” and many other products to market via our prefilled syringe line. We will focus on developing new generation dermal fillers and bio pharmaceutical products.

Joonghun Pharmaceutical will strengthen our forte by excitingly facing new challenges for working for further innovations. We will take a step by step to grow up as a world best pharmaceutical company. We ask for many cheers and support.


Joonghun 회사 조직도



  • Release of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Injectables.
  • NDA Partnership with Japanese company Maruha.
  • NDA Partnership with Nippon Chemiphar.
  • Initiated Research Projects for Startup’s Innovative Technology and Industrial Development Project.

Production of EGF by Optimization of Codon and Co-expression of Chaperone


  • Completion of Chungju Manufacturing Facility.
  • KGMP Certified for Oral Medication Manufacturing Line.
  • Completion of Injectable Manufacturing Line.
  • Release of EK Epalrestat tablets of Unique ARI Method Pharmaceutics.
  • Release of Joonghun Almagate and Freeburn tablets.
  • Acqusition of Artgaon Dermal Filler Exportation Permit.
  • Gained Patent for Lead Compound for Osteoarthritis Treatment.

    Patent Number: 10-1687751 - Patent Name: 2-Metoxy-(3-(4-Metoxinil)Propyl-1-en-1-yl) phenol NDA Partnership with Kyrgyzstan for Exportation

2015 - 2006

Established Joonghun Pharmaceutical Research Center.
Established Joonghun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Received Korean FDA approval for ‘Biocollagen MeRG,’ treatment for knee collagens.
Selected as Best Company for Renovated Execution (Seoul Finance News).
Started to support ‘Smile Tonj’ Project (South Sudan Medical Support Project).
Launched Ostene in South Korea (Marketing & Sales).
Started marketing and sales of prescription drugs and medical devices.

Corporate identity

Corporate Identity

Hexagons found in CI of Joonghun Pharmaceutical are the most stable and firm structures found in nature.


Passionate People : Passion
Color for passionate people who work with higher goals and pushing their limits.
Medical Institution : Bio Industry
Color for bio industry, our customers who directly handle human lives and influence on quality of lives.
Company Identity : Hun(獻)
Color of Joonghun; manufacturing best quality products and investing in R&D for human health.